That Really Chaps My Ass – 800 Numbers

Whenever you have to call a customer service hotline, for anything, it’s always the same start. “We are experiencing a larger call volume than normal, a representative will be with you as soon as possible.” Well what’s normal? 3 calls or less at a time?

That phrase is said probably every time I call any customer service hotline. At what point do you step back and evaluate what’s going on? Maybe hire a couple more people in India… maybe look at your product, after all, nobody calls to say, “hey! Great product… okay, bye!” No, we call to say the home button isn’t working, or you double charged my card… point being we are already unhappy with your service, now you’re making us wait too. Not good!

That’s the better half of the riff, then you have companies that just don’t want to hear from you period. They will make it so difficult to even talk to someone from India, they are almost always in India, just because they say their name is Craig, doesn’t mean anything. They read that off a script. You have to go through 5 minutes of press one for blah, press 2 for bleh… then they hit you with the excessive amount of calls… it’s like when there is a large line at the grocery store, it’s not in their best interest to open another check stand. They want you to say I’ll come back… after you throw a few more items in that cart.

The service lines just want you to call back later… or even better, not at all. Enough! Change your average calls in hour number to something reasonable. I only assume that number was set the day before that number went live. They called it 3 times to test it out, okay that’s the average call per day number then… no.

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