That Really Chaps My Ass – KIA Drivers

The Kia Optima is pretty common nowadays, their Blake Griffin Commercials are great. I notice now a lot of Optima owners are either pulling off the regular logo and replacing it with a stupid looking lazy l or the y removing the I from the K, trying to get it to look like an L, are you kidding? Not for one second do I think it’s a Lexus, stop kidding yourself. Like you pull up to a restaurant and the people see the car, “oh not bad, clean”, then you drive past, “Oh it’s a Lexus! Should have known, he’s doing alright for himself!” It’s a Kia, it’s not a bad car, you own a very common Kia on top of that, don’t lie to yourself. We know it’s a Kia, we don’t care, it’s not a Lexus, but at the same time it’s not a Tercel. You’re not fooling anyone, you’re just looking foolish.


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