That Really Chaps My Ass – Overly Sensitive People

Twitter has been a great advancement in social media. It has allowed anyone to voice their opinion instantly and much easier than in the past. The problem with outlets like this one and others is that most people don’t deserve to be heard. The lack of education and abundance of hate or aggression bleeds through their posts. The other half takes umbrage at anything, literally anything. Everyday people are burning calories preaching about what offends them lately and the group is growing rapidly. Just the other day, a trending story was how offended people are about a shirt Target put out. The shirt read, “Trophy.” The shirt is a girls shirt, so people were outraged by the fact that they were labeling the person, a “trophy wife.” Yeah go F yourself people! It’s a shirt, it doesn’t have a guy defecating on anyone, nor does it have an act of hate on it, it has a word.

I am so sick of hearing about who’s offended from what now, every day. Go about your life, worry about yourself. Don’t think to sue anyone for anything so you don’t have to work anymore and can be the next Instagram sensation. We don’t care, nobody should. Now go back to work at your secretary job in whatever fly over state you live in.


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