That Really Chaps My Ass – Warning Labels

Over the holiday weekend a 22 year old was killed by a firework that exploded on top of his head. His parents are asking for stricter regulations. He put the firework to his head as a joke, thinking it was a dud and it accidentally went off. You can read the whole story here.

His parents should be disappointed in themselves and their son the most. The firework companies a distant third. Would you look into the barrel of a loaded gun? The guy was dumb, he was probably drunk, and the unthinkable happened. It seems that now everything has to have a warning label on it. It is getting out of control, you are brought up being told how certain things are dangerous. Do you really need to be reminded? After all, would this genius even have read that warning label? It’s just something that would drive up costs in order for companies to pay for the absurd warning labels.

its-a-sad-day-warning-disclaimer-label-gun-demotivational-poster-1263422302 warning labels

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