The Best Actor of the 2010s – Round 1A

It’s been almost half a year since the 2010’s closed out so it’s the perfect time to look at back at the past decade. We really missed March Madness this year so we’re giving you our own bracket, not of basketball teams, but of actors. We’re going to find out who the best actor of the 2010’s was the best way we know how, with a 16 person NCAA tournament style bracket. First, some rules…

  • Movie Actors Only – We’re only including actors who primarily make movies. However, if an actor does have an important TV credit it will be considered.
  • Only 2010’s Movies – We’re only using 2010’s movies to judge these actors. That means movies that came out between 2010 and 2019. The Gentlemen and Birds of Prey came out in 2020 and are not part of the discussion.
  • No Seeding – If we seeded the actors wouldn’t that take the fun out of it? The matchups are completely randomized.
  • 100% Subjective – How we decide which actor had the better decade is entirely up to us.

Over the next few weeks on The Tony’s Take Podcast we’ll be going through the matchups, advancing actors, and finally awarding the the title to The Best Actor of the 2010’s.

The First Four

We started with 18 contenders but needed to get to the classic 16 person bracket. Like the NCAA tournament, we included an opening bonus round of the first four. Four actors were chosen with two moving on.


Brie Larson and Tom Hardy moved on to the next round leaving Matthew McConaughey and Jake Gyllenhaal out of the final bracket. So now that we have our 16 contenders we can move onto the first round.

Round 1A

This week we only did four out of the eight first round matchups. Round 1B will be done in next week’s podcast. Now, the bracket:

These are the results. If you want to hear our discussion and how we got these results listen to Episode 170E – Who Is The Best Actor of The 2010s (15:20-31:40). Make sure to listen to round 1B on Episode 171.

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