The Dating App Hinge Is All New, Here’s What It Means For You

Hinge has been one of the big three common dating apps for quite awhile now. It was a more quality hook up app, meaning you were more likely to date long term with a match from Hinge than you were Tinder or Bumble. Just based on the fact that you were matching over mutual friends. Somewhat vetting the person and reassuring you a little more that they were not in fact nut jobs.

Well, Hinge has been putting the word out for a month or so that they were flipping the script on the dating scene. No more swiping left or right, no more of this casual hookup stuff. They wanted to raise the bar from a casual hookup site into a more style dating site.

Overall the app is smooth and easy to maneuver. When you like a person you simple heart a picture and add a comment if you like. People can like on yours as well, kiss the swiping goodbye. Here’s the kicker, Hinge will now cost $7.00 a month. Which will have the less interested in real relationship people heading for the hills. Luckily, they are letting you dip your feet in the water for free. They are offering a three month trial so you can see if this new platform is for you. So, are you going to look for your soul mate or go back to Tinder for a mate?

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