The End of Alcohol on Planes?

Airlines used to be a thing of luxury. People would get dressed to the nines to fly and the airlines would try to make your flight a pleasant experience. The airlines cared about your comfort and offered plenty of leg room onboard. Unfortunately, that’s long gone in the world of flying public.

Over the years, they’ve added more and more rows of seating which has taken more and more of that much needed leg room. While that was happening, the common courtesy humans shared with one another diminished significantly. Nowadays, flying begins by walking through an X-ray, getting patted down by a high school dropout, and then having your flight delayed and overbooked. Then once you board the tin can, it’s not uncommon to have to make an emergency landing for some dickhead who is causing a commotion… that can range from far too intoxicated to public nudity all the way to biting and killing a passenger.

Yes, the friendly skies are not so friendly anymore. What’s going to come from all of this? A ban on alcohol in airports and planes? The banning of alcohol is what was done at college football games, which is surely a possibility. Over the past decade, a handful of emergency landings were a result of the following mid flight incidents;

  • Strangling – a flight leaving LAX heading to SF was diverted back to LAX after about 15 minutes in air when a passenger was choked after leaning her seat back. The passenger behind her was not too happy about it. In case you were wondering, that’s about a 50 minute flight.
  • Zombie Attack – A flight leaving Portugal heading to Ireland was diverted to Cork after a man began biting another passenger. He then passed away after they restrained him. Meanwhile on that same plane, a woman was arrested… what the hell was going on on that plane?
  • Public Nudity – A flight filled with a group of drunken Irishmen, no that’s not a stereotype in this case, witnesses aboard claim the group of guys drank roughly 210 pints of beer while onboard. Enough about their… impressive…. drinking, that’s not the reason they had to divert. What happened after the beerfest, one of the lads stripped down to his birthday suit and started waving his leprechaun at the flight attendants, demanding sex. The flight went back to Ireland and was delayed 10 hours.
  • Dog – An 89 year old woman was traveling from New Jersey to Arizona with her dog named Mandy. Mandy was sedated going into the flight, however a few hours in, Mandy awoke… and was very agitated. She bit a passenger and then a flight attendant. The plane was forced to land in Pittsburgh where they kicked off the woman and her dog.
  • Birth – A Taiwanese woman flying to the United States forced a stop over in Alaska. Taiwanese authorities believe it was her intention to have her baby born in the U.S. She was then sent back to Taiwan without her baby, authorities didn’t disclose as to why. Even more, she might be forced to pay the cost for the stopover, roughly $33,000. The insurance company is still working alongside the airline company on that. Doesn’t involved alcohol, but nevertheless.
  • Knee Defender – An item designed to restrict the passenger in front of you from reclining their seat left two passengers stranded in Chicago. This flight from New Jersey to Denver was forced to land after a fight broke out when a passenger wouldn’t move his knee defender. The women in front of him then threw a cup of water in his face. The pilot put his foot down, landed the bird and kicked them both off. Delaying the flight an hour and a half. I only imagine the entire cabin gave them the bird as they were thrown off as well.

With the rising number of emergency landings that were due unruly or disgruntled passengers, what can we expect from the airlines? You hear on the news at least a once a month about a passenger having to be tied down until arrival, imagine telling someone from the 20s that that is a thing, people become so disgruntled they must be tied down… it would leave them with abhorrent thoughts about the future. The friendly skies are not so friendly anymore.

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