The Fight Of The Century?

Tomorrow is the fight the world has been waiting a long time for, Pacquiao Vs Mayweather. A lot of people are obviously very excited for this fight, but a lot of people wish this fight would’ve taken place 5 years ago when both fighters were in their prime.

When you look at this fight you truly have a good Vs evil situation. We have the evil in Floyd Mayweather who’s been charged for battery against multiple women, and is arrogant to the point where you just want to give him a right hook to the jaw. Then we have the good in Manny Pacquiao who is part of the House Of Representatives for his home country, the Philippines.

Manny is predicted to make around 80 million dollars from this fight and has already said that he plans on donating half of that to charity. Just like in the movies the good guy happens to be the underdog, but will this be a movie like ending where the good guy wins? Or will the bad guy continue his streak at perfection? All of our questions will be answered in less than 24 hours!

Pacquiao-vs-Mayweather copy

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