The Funniest Sports Related Event of the Year

If you’ve accessed the internet at all today you’ve probably already seen this, but that doesn’t mean this is not worth viewing again. I’ve watched the short clip dozens of times already and it’s still so entertaining.  

Earlier today, Usain Bolt won the 200m Gold Medal at the World Championships in Beijing.  This wasn’t the Olympics so no one a gave a shit about the actual race.  It’s what happened afterwards that’s newsworthy.  While taking a victory lap, Bolt got taken out by a cameraman who lost control of his segway after hitting some sort of guard rail.  Check it out:

It’s not just the fact that people fell that makes this so funny (People falling is always hilarious and always will be.  Humanity will never evolve past it).  What’s truly great is that we get a good look at the cameraman’s face throughout the whole process.  First we see his face at the moment of contact with the railing.  He realizes there’s something wrong but he doesn’t know what yet.  Then he looks down and we all know what he’s thinking,  “I got this. Not a problem.  No one saw anything” .  Then quickly it’s “oh, fuck. I’m going down.  Protect the camera.  No, fuck it.  Bail on the camera.  Protect myself.  Shit, did i hit anything?”  Yes asshole, you hit someone’s legs.  And they’re the most valuable legs in the world.  Those beautiful long legs are a gift from the gods and you almost destroyed them.

Thank you though.  Your incompetence will bring us joy for many years to come.  This will still show up on SportsCenter’s Not Top Ten twenty years from now.  Thankfully Bolt was not hurt.  He even joked about the incident accusing American rival Justin Gatlin of paying the cameraman.

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