The Future #1 Pick Won’t Win The John Wooden Award This Season

Without a doubt, LSU forward¬†Ben Simmons will be the #1 Pick in this year’s NBA draft. Unfortunately for Simmons, he won’t win this year’s John Wooden award (MVP of College Basketball). To be eligible to win this award not only do you have to be one of the top players in the country, but you also have to maintain a 2.o GPA, something that Simmons wasn’t able to do. Let’s be honest here. Ben Simmons has known since early in the season that he’s going to the NBA next year, and that he’s going to be a top 3 pick, most likely the #1 pick.


Being on an LSU team that is mediocre and might not even make the NCAA tournament makes it very difficult for Simmons to care about anything right now, especially his academic grades. Even though he’s going to be a top pick this year, to win the John Wooden award is a huge honor for anyone. He might not care that much right now, but one day when Simmons looks back he’ll regret not being able to carry a “C” average.

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