The most hated and adored guy in school

High school, a time of insecurity and acne. It’s hard enough to lock down a girl and keep her happy around Valentine’s Day. Imagine another student handing her a rose, along with every girl in your school… that’s exactly what Sky View High School student, Hayden Godfrey did.

After getting his hands on 900 roses he handed one out to every girl in his high school. Casanova right? On one hand he is going to be considered the most romantic guy ever. On the other, are the guys dating those girls… the ones who probably didn’t reach the expectations of their ladies. They must be furious, nobody wants to be overdone by another guy. Especially in high school. Remember, that’s the time in your life when you are in love and she or he is the one! Haha yeah for about 3 months, but that’s for them to learn.

Hayden told ABC news he worked multiple jobs over the year to afford the 900 carnations, roughly about $450… you might be thinking, “how did I pay about half of that for 11 roses today?” I know I am.

You could be asking how he is single, right? Well, he’s not. He has a girlfriend and she is a senior as well. She told ABC that she wasn’t jealous and she herself has had many Valentine’s Days where she didn’t receive anything, she knows how it feels.

What a guy, what a couple. We love it, however it might have been a different emotion if we were attending that school right now.

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