The Most Hated Woman on the Internet


When the website Reddit announced corporate attorney Ellen Pao as their interim CEO last year, many feared the trend towards censorship on the site would accelerate. It seems as if those fears were not unfounded as numerous incidents in the last few weeks have gotten people paying attention to the management of the site.  The most recent event is the banning of the popular subreddit “fatpeoplehate”. The front page of the site is now filled with posts attacking and mocking the CEO.


Now that Ms. Pao is making headlines more people will look into her background. We were curious ourselves and took a look back at her history. In 2012 she filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against her employer. The trial started in February of this year and Pao did not win.

In 2007 Pao married Alphonse “Buddy” Fletcher, a hedge fund manager, which is like the most evil of all professions. We should point out that Fletcher is actually a former hedge fund manager because the fund he ran was declared insolvent in 2012. The bankruptcy trustee appointed by the court after Fletcher filed for bankruptcy concluded that Fletcher fraudulently mislead his investors. Fletcher was basically running a Ponzi scheme since 2008. Somehow he’s not in jail. So the woman who married a criminal is the one who gets to tell us what content is acceptable.

If you’re sick of Ellen Pao and sick of Reddit you’re probably looking for a new site to waste all your time on. Why don’t you stick around and spend a few more minutes here with us, Tony’s Take. We’re sure it will be worth your time.

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