The Rams Are Coming Back to LA!

The St. Louis Rams will once again be known as the Los Angeles Rams. That’s right, the Rams are coming back to Los Angeles. Are you excited? Is anyone?

This is really not a surprise to anyone. The NFL has wanted a team back in LA for a long time. Now they’ve found an owner who’s willing to spend his own money to build a stadium. And he just happens to own a team that spent most of it’s time in Los Angeles. Everything worked out in the end.

It didn’t work out for everybody though, did it? There’s still the fans in St. Louis. They’re without a team. I can’t feel too bad for them though. They have the Cardinals and fuck the Cardinals. Hey St. Louis, spend the $12 on a 30 block of Budweiser and just try to forget about the Rams during football season. You really shouldn’t miss them anyways. I think they’ve gone 7-9 in 13 consecutive seasons now. And maybe you’ll get the Raiders.

What do the people of LA get out of all this. Hasn’t everyone in LA already found a new team. If you’ve ever seen a game played in LA you’ll notice that roughly a third of the fans are there for the visiting team. That’s because almost everyone who lives in LA, isn’t from LA. You think the Clippers had it bad. The Rams haven’t been in LA for over twenty years. Are all the fairweather celebrity fans going to give up their Packers/Steelers/Seahawks/Cowboys fandom to start following the Rams? Maybe if they’re good.


Will they be good? They do have two of the most exciting young players in the league in Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley. No quarterback though. With a new city should come a new quarterback (and a new coach too). The Rams won’t be a hit until the LA fans start seeing some wins and the fans in St. Louis haven’t seen too many of those recently.

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