The Really Chaps My Ass – Minimum Wage

Recently, fast food workers have announced they are ready to strike in attempts to gain attention from the presidential candidates and sway the election. They want a $15 an hour minimum wage. This leaves me flabbergasted. That is an entry level job for a reason. It’s for new employees working part time for beer money while going to school. However in the recent, you deserve it all attitude people with fast food entry level jobs think they should be paid more than even upper level jobs at same companies.

You are not supposed to have a family and a minimum wage job at the same time. It’s not written in the Declaration of Independence but you’d think its a given. Here is a helpful tip. You will be let go and a robot will take over your job. Or the company will just have fewer employees. Slowing production down. Increasing food stamp and welfare demands. Stop shitting out kids stupid people. You are destroying a good thing. You are creating a life of misery for your premature family  and contributing to the crime rate in America. Everyone thinks they need to be apart of a revolution, well, not everyone. We are yet to see educated people rise up against something. Because they run shit. It’s the dumb people that see a CEO making 5000 times what they make and it pisses them off. Well. That’s because you’re useless and a robot can do your job of flipping patties. The CEO on the other hand generally has an extremely expensive education and has worked their way up. You however, knocked up your baby moma at the age of 16. Dropped out of high school. Got fired from the hardware store and thankfully gained employment at a fast food store. Well that means you’re entitled to double the average minimum wage, right? Fuck you!

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