The Six Pack Review – Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin

Habanero Sculpin

Ballast Point Brewing Company


7% ABV


Do you know that one Budweiser commercial where they say something like, “you can have your peach pumpkin stout, we’ll stick to the classic Budweiser.”? It’s a horrible commercial. It’s trying to sell you lesser beer by portraying craft beer as non-traditional, crazy, experimental concoctions with awful sounding ingredients, when in reality it’s just beer made with higher quality in mind. This beer sounds like something they would make up in that commercial though. Habanero peppers and beer.  Does that make any sense? That can’t be good, right?

Habanero Sculpin is just a variant of Ballast Point’s popular IPA, Sculpin. Ballast Point is really pushing the brand and it can easily be found at many bars. It’s even the favorite beer of Erlich Bachman of Silicon Valley. Maybe someday I’ll fully review the basic Sculpin but my short review is that it’s really good. Better than that even. Maybe even great. So how does adding habaneros change things up?


Surprisingly, I think it makes the beer even better. Spicy food can be great because it usually brings out the other flavors in the food.  In this case, it makes it easier to pick up on all the wonderful notes that the regular Sculpin has. If you’re worried that the beer removes the bite from the habaneros, you shouldn’t. It’s legitimately spicy. And if you have the opposite worry, the spiciness is not something you can’t handle.  A good way to combat something that is too spicy is to drink alcohol. With this beer you’re doing both.


I really loved this beer. It may sound intimidating or too wild to consider but I recommend giving it a try. I hope Ballast Point does not make this a one time thing and continues to make this beer. It was a perfect summer beer but I would like to see it in every season.



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