The Six Pack Review – Lagunitas Sucks

Lagunitas Sucks

Lagunitas Brewery

Imperial IPA



Lagunitas Sucks is a funny name for a beer. The name implies the brewer of the beer is of low quality. It also provides no other information about the beer.  Why did they name it this?

The name comes from a problem experienced by the brewery in 2011. Due to the demand of their more popular beers like Lagunitas IPA, the brewery was unable to produce a fan favorite holiday special beer called Brown Shugga. Brown Shugga took too much time to brew and would not be a good use of their limited brewing resources at the time. To make it up to their fans, the brewery created a new beer that would be much quicker to brew. They named the beer Lagunitas Sucks to make fun of their failure. Now that you know the backstory we can move on to the actual beer.

To start, Lagunitas does not suck. The brewery makes a number of excellent beers and this is one of them. The beer was intended to be a one time production but it was so popular the brewery decided to continue production. Lagunitas Sucks is an Imperial IPA and it is from California so it is, of course, overwhelmingly hoppy. If you’re into that, like I am, this makes for a good choice. If you’re not, Lagunitas makes another Imperial IPA that isn’t as hoppy. Maybe I’ll review that later.

lagunitas Miley-Cyrus-Wrecking-Ball-Caps-19 copyAt 7.85% ABV, this beer is quite strong. The beer is available in six packs as well as 32 oz. bottles; think Miller High Life. I enjoyed a couple of those 32 oz. bottles in a night and it was more than enough for me. This beer is a must try for IPA fans and a should try for everyone else.




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