The Six Pack Review – Mosaic Session IPA

Mosaic Session IPA

Green Flash Brewing


4.5% ABV


Mosaic Session IPA is a lower alcohol version of an IPA made by Green Flash in San Diego. San Diego brewers are known for making great IPAs but this beer might be the exception. This is likely due to the brewer having to make sacrifices to get the beer under 5% ABV.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 6.25.25 PM

Where this beer fails as an IPA it succeeds as a session beer. The beer itself has a very tame hop flavor and little bitterness. The low alcohol percentage does make it easy to drink. I drank the whole six pack in a small amount of time with no problems.

Personally though, I’d rather drink less of a more flavorful but higher alcohol beer. Four good IPAs beats six Mosaic Session IPAs. If you’re only looking to drink one beer and desire low alcohol content then this beer is fine.  It’s definitely drinkable but just isn’t very good.



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