The Six Pack Review – New Belgium Long Table

Long Table Farmhouse Ale

New Belgium Brewing


6.2% ABV


New Belgium. They’re one of the most recognizable craft brewers out there. Farmhouse Ale. I like that beer style, otherwise known as saison. Long Table? What’s with the name New Belgium? Is that a name that sells? I don’t know what they’re getting at and it just seems boring. They’re lucky that I noticed the farmhouse ale part or else I might have ignored it completely.

Take a look at the label. What do you notice? There’s no table much less a long table. If you’re going to call your beer something as stupid as long table I at least want to see a long table. It’s just a bunch of chairs. Not chairs around a table, just chairs. Usually when there’s chairs there’s a table. I just don’t get it. Am I supposed to be the table and the chairs are around me. I don’t want to think. I just want to drink. Why did you do this New Belgium?  

I just had to know what New Belgium was trying to get at with “Long Table” so I looked up the beer on their website. The description starts, “The longer the table, the more room for friends”. It continues to explain that this beer is a table-friendly saison. The intention of this beer was to be enjoyed among many friends, perhaps while sitting at a long a table.

One problem New Belgium. The beer comes in a six pack. That’s not enough to share with friends. Maybe you should make it come in an eighteen pack. Or maybe one of those mini kegs, but bigger, or something like that. Even if I only invited two friends to sit and enjoy the beer with me at a long table, that would mean two beers each. Come on, get real. I drank all six of them by myself. And I didn’t need a long table to sit at or friends.


Long Table is a saison or what is sometimes called a farmhouse ale. Saison is a Belgian style which typically means it has the distinctive taste of Belgian yeast and is heavily spiced. Saisons are kind of like pale ales but just more Belgian. They’re spicy, fruity, hoppy, and very Belgian yeasty. If you don’t know what I mean by Belgian yeast just try a Belgian beer (not Stella) and you’ll know what I’m talking about it. It may be an acquired taste but it’s a taste I have acquired. Long Table is all of these things.

At 6.2%, Long Table is a little higher than average in the alcohol department. This beer does not hide it well though. It may just be all the different flavors, but this beer has some bite to it. No, it’s not like drinking whiskey but I’ve had 9% beers that seem less boozy than this one. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. I think that’s just what happens with this style of beer.

Long Table is not great but it’s a good introductory beer for this style. It’s not going to get you crazy drunk and it’s not something you can easily drink but it’s full of flavor, it’s accessible, and it’s inexpensive as well. If you want to try a saison but you’re not sure if you’ll like it, Long Table is a decent place to start.



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