The Six Pack Review – Refuge Blood Orange Wit

 Blood Orange Wit

Refuge Brewery


5% ABV


Refuge’s Blood Orange Wit is a Belgian Witbier which means it is made partly of wheat rather than just barley. Belgian wheat beers are different than other wheat beers in that they are typically heavily spiced with outside ingredients. In this beer’s case it uses a large amount of blood oranges to flavor the beer.

Full disclosure; I’m not the biggest fan of Belgian Wits. This beer smells better than it tastes. But that’s because it smells fucking fantastic. It tastes really good as well. The orange flavor is clear and is not too sweet. The blood orange really comes through in the aftertaste though. The smell, initial taste, and aftertaste combine to make an excellent beer.


At 5% ABV, this beer is perfect for drinking many at a time. The light citrusy flavor is one that you won’t tire of after three beers. This beer will work in many settings and will surely be enjoyed by anyone; unless you somehow hate citrus.




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