The Six Pack Review – Sierra Nevada Kölsch

Sierra Nevada Kolsch

Sierra Nevada Brewing


5% ABV

Kölsch. That sounds foreign. Isn’t Sierra Nevada an American brewer? Yes, but their kölsch ale is a foreign style of beer. How foreign? Kölsch is a German style. That’s great. Germans are known for beer. But still, what is a kölsch?


Kölsch is a German beer but I’ve said that before. It’s typically lower in alcohol. It’s light in color. It can be both a lager or an ale.  I won’t tell you how that is possible because I don’t even understand. It’s basically a lagered ale. Taste wise, it is similar to a pale lager. Now what’s a pale lager? Most of the beer that is sold are pale lagers. Bud Light is a pale lager. PBR is a pale lager. Stella, Heineken, and even Corona are all pale lagers. Kölsches are very light in flavor and very simple. There’s a little bit of hoppiness and a the rest of the flavor comes from the malt.


So how does Sierra Nevada’s attempt of this style stack up? When I compared the taste  to a pale lager I wasn’t saying they were similar quality. This beer is made with better ingredients and more craft than your typical mass produced beer. It’s not awful.  There’s not a ton more to say about it though. Even if it’s the best Kölsch ever made it would not be a great beer. It does serve it’s purpose. Sierra Nevada’s Kölsch is a summer release and it’s almost perfect as a summer beer. It’s light on flavor, light on alcohol, and best served very cold. There are many beers you wouldn’t want on a hot summer day at the beach or at a barbecue but this is not one of them. Really, those would be the only times you should want this beer.


No this beer will not bring peace to this world. You would never expect a Bud Light to change the world. However, a few of these beers might bring us a little closer. Try it if you want.  It’s better than a Heineken, just not that much better.



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