The Six Pack Review – Sierra Nevada Nooner

Nooner Pilsner

Sierra Nevada

German Pilsner

5.2% ABV



Sierra Nevada’s Nooner Pilsner is one of the brewery’s newest beers. Released towards the end of 2014, the beer was designed as a session beer. A session beer refers to a lower alcohol beer where the low alcohol content makes it easy to consume multiple beers in one session.  I tried this out by drinking six of them in ninety minutes.


Nooner Pilsner is a German pilsner, a light but hoppy lager. This beer is a good representation of the style.  Nooner is a golden colored beer with most of its flavor coming from the spiciness of the hops. At 5.2% the alcohol content is around average for the style. The beer isn’t strong yet is still full of flavor.

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While this beer is easy to drink it isn’t much of a session beer as session beers are typically lower than 4.5%. The beer might also be better if it was a little stronger with more hop flavor. Sierra Nevada made this beer somewhere in the middle which is fine because it is still a good beer.



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