The Stars of Jurassic World

The movie comes out tomorrow but who’s in it? We told you earlier that only one character is returning so you might be a little unfamiliar with the actors that appear in this movie. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out with a little background information on the stars of Jurassic World.

Chris Pratt

If you don’t know who Chris Pratt is, then you haven’t been paying attention to movies the last five years. Just a short while ago he was a scene stealing supporting character on a little watched sitcom. Since then he has played for the Oakland Athletics, killed Osama Bin Laden, become a master builder, and guarded the galaxy. He has a good chance of starring in the movie of the summer two years in a row.

Bryce Dallas Howard


We recently had a piece inspired by Ms. Howard. If you are too lazy to check that out, she is the daughter of actor and director Ron Howard. She might be most recognized for playing Gwen Stacy in Spiderman. Wait, wasn’t that Emma Stone? Yes, Emma played Gwen Stacy as well. Bryce played the character in the Tobey Maguire movie.

She’s also been in The Village, Terminator Salvation, and a Twilight movie. She wasn’t in Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty, and The Help. That was Jessica Chastain. Actually Bryce, was in The Help too. As was Emma Stone. Was every working redheaded actress in that movie?  That’s too confusing.

Vincent D’Onofrio

Vincent D’Onofrio’s most famous role is probably Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket. If you’ve never seen that movie (you should), he was the bad guy from Men in Black and spent 11 years on a Law & Order show. Two of those years he co starred with Jeff Goldblum who happened to play Dr. Ian Malcolm in the first two Jurassic Park movies. Recently, he was the best part of the Netflix series Daredevil, which we recommended to you already.

Ty Simpkins

This little kid helped Tony Stark get past losing his suit in Iron Man 3.

Irrfan Khan

Khan is a veteran Bollywood actor but he has been in some Hollywood films including The Life of Pi, The Amazing Spider-man, and Slumdog Millionaire.  He also just wrapped up filming Inferno, the newest movie directed by Ron Howard, his Jurassic World Co-Star’s father.

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson is one of the stars of the TV show New Girl.  He’s also been in Let’s Be Cops, 21 Jump Street, and Get Him to the Greek. Johnson also starred in Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow’s last movie Safety Not Guaranteed. I don’t believe his character’s safety will be guaranteed.

Brian Tee

Tee played Takashi “D.K.” in the Fast and the Furious series. He was also in The Wolverine and is going to be Shredder in the new Ninja Turtles movie.

Lauren Lapkus

You may have seen Lapkus as the prison guard Susan Fischer in Orange is the New Black. You probably haven’t seen her elsewhere. You should be hearing her on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast. Whenever she makes an appearance it’s worth a listen. She’s on the most recent episode with Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch

Judy Greer


You probably recognize Judy Greer but you’re not sure from where. She’s been in a million things including 13 Going on 30, The Village, Elizabethtown, 27 Dresses, The Descendants, and Tomorrowland. She’s also appeared in a ton of TV shows, most memorably as Kitty Sanchez, George Bluth’s assistant. She currently stars in the FX comedy Married.


Much of the cast has a background in television comedies. It seems strange for a big budget action movie. However, director Colin Trevorrow’s last movie starred Pratt’s Parks & Rec wife, Aubrey Plaza, and The League’s Mark Duplass, as well as Jake Johnson. Trevorrow’s experience is in indie comedy and he casted the movie as if that is what he was making. Although, while Pratt is a veteran of comedy he is also now a legitimate action star. Remember, the original Jurassic Park didn’t have any big name action stars.

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