The Tinder Bible – What You’re Doing Wrong

Tinder is easily the most popular dating app out there, especially among younger singles. If you consider yourself young, and you’re single, you’re on Tinder.

So guys, you probably think your profile is spot on, perfect pictures of you and a perfect bio… you are probably wrong! If you are looking to land a quality female for more than a couple dates, we have the formula for you. We surveyed hundreds of single ladies to help you build the perfect dating profile!  Here is what we found.


20140609_034012000_iOS-296x5251)      No mirror selfies! Guys it’s really good that you get to the gym twice a day, but taking your shirt off and taking a selfie in your dirty bathroom mirror is not the way to show off  your chest. Get outdoors, the beach, the park, even by the pool- this will allow you to lose the shirt in a more natural setting.

Yes, to the smart ass out there. Everyone is naked in a bathroom, but unless you’re in the “Fappening” nobody’s interested in seeing it.

2)      Have an animal in a picture. Ladies love a dog (or a cat if you don’t have a dog). Show that your best friend is your K-9. This shows you have compassion and are able to care for someone other than yourself. This is a quick key to gaining a woman’s interest.

It’s also a fantastic way to meet a woman in the real world… this is becoming a dying art… but guys, ever wonder where women go during the day? The dog park, so take your dog to the local dog park, take a selfie with your dog, a selfie is appropriate in the case. Then let your dog choose his new pal… and if your dog is any type of wingman he will go for the golden retriever accompanied by a lovely lady. That’s what they call two birds with one stone.

3)      A picture with your family. Like your dog picture, it shows you have a good head on your shoulders. If you have a good relationship with your parents odds are you can have a good relationship with the fairer sex.

4)      Humor! Have a sense of humor about you. Have a funny default picture that will spark their interest in looking further at you. There are thousands of, if not more, guys in their distance specifications. You are competing with all of them, you have to stand out from the herd, like a good resume you need something that raises your profile above the rest.

5) Limit group pictures! A lady does not want to try and select you in a grouping of you and your dickhead friends! Your default picture should have one subject, you! A group of your friends spilling beer as you cheers isn’t going to scream pick me!



image1411)      No “If you’re looking for … swipe left…” That’s garbage. You are in no way in charge here. Unless you’re Ryan Gosling, you are the one hoping to be chosen, not the other way around. A girl is not going to swipe right on a guy that is basically coming off like that drunk dickhead at the bar at the end of the night. This isn’t a bar and it’s not closing time.

2)      List your height, and any special attributes you have, height matters to women, if you aren’t the tallest guy in the world, own it. “Got tired of having to buy new clothes…” Otherwise embrace being tall! It’s always a good thing to a lady.

3)      Tell a little about yourself, in a humble manner. Humble brags are always acceptable. Only a certain kind of girl likes to hear, “I spend my summers in South Beach…” And those girls aren’t quality, they are looking at you with dollar signs in their eyes.

4)      Tell the truth. Nobody likes to be catfished, if you are at all a standup guy, you will admit your positive and negative attributes. If you are any good at small talk odds are you’re going to meet them at some point. If she’s looking for a 6 foot and fit guy, but your pictures and bio are before the freshman 15 she won’t be happy.


Tinder Messages

You’ve matched and made it to the next round, what do you say to them? Some of the things that circle the internet are absurd chats exchanged oIMG_330_102-donen Tinder. Don’t be one of these morons. They are in it for a laugh from their friends, not to get the girl. If you want to partake in this, may you be publicly shamed.  If you wouldn’t say it in person don’t say it online. The anonymity of online chatting has raised a generation of baboons who have no table manners.

1)      Be funny, engaging, and overall worth talking to. Remember you are competing with a ridiculous amount of guys in catching her attention. A joke is a great way to start the dialog, “Did you hear about that actress that was attacked… Reese something or other…” “Whitherspoon?” “No, it was with a knife…”

2)      Don’t send the same message out to everyone, be personable. If a match says she’s a fan of hiking, how about asking where some of her favorite spots to hike are…

3)      Be flirtatious but not disgusting. Nothing wrong with back and forth flirting, everything wrong with obnoxious pickup lines, again, your goal is to get the girl, not to make your friends laugh.

4)      Make her want to learn more about your life, nothing wrong with a humble brag here, going to Vegas this weekend… something like that, shows you aren’t a hermit crab, you do things and she’s missing out on them…



With these tips you will get great matches and get solid dates with solid women. Be interesting, be proper, and most importantly be different from the pack! Tinder is a great outlet to meet new and interesting women, start utilizing it! Good luck, and may they all swipe right upon your profile!

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