The Warriors are Still Better Than Everyone Else

Last night’s matchup between the defending champs and the team with the second best record in the league, the San Antonio Spurs, was maybe the most anticipated game of this season. Although the Warriors had the better record and had that crazy 24-0 start, some analysts were saying that the Spurs were the better team. I wonder what they’ll say now.

There were reasons to be so high on the Spurs. They were only two games back of the Warriors. They had a higher point differential. They had won 13 straight and 20 of their last 21. The Warriors hadn’t played the Spurs yet or the Thunder even. Yeah, but the Warriors were still better and they showed it last night.


The game wasn’t even close. The final score was 120-90, a thirty point win for Golden State. The Warriors didn’t pour it on late either. They held a 29 point lead going into the fourth. It was absolute domination. The Warriors just did this to the Cavs and Bulls last week. Why were we doubting them? Why were we giving a team with a 40-4 record some “nobody believes in us” motivation. No one’s beating the Warriors this year if they’re properly motivated. The Bulls win record is going down.

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