The Week In Review

What a solid week, school is out, work was minimal, and did we mention it was Christmas?! Yes a lot happened this week, we even missed some stuff… Let’s catch up!


Karina Irby

  • We then got a big crush on our WCW, we are hot for Vita!


  • We saw some women in the Christmas spirit, which helped us out with our in-laws!

Santa babe

  • Our woman of the week used the force to make us fall more in love with her, Daisy Ridley is such a babe…

daisy ridley star wars

  • Did we mention our Hottest Women of 2015 list is still keeping our windows steamy? Check out what you missed!

hottest women of 2015


  • So you’re going home, you are single…. or at least not serious with that Hinge hookup at State… You want to hook up with your ex, should you? Click here for advice!

the-social-network-006 date scene bar


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