The Week in Review

imageWhat a week it’s been! Flew by but was certainly one for the books!

  • Halloween knocked us on our ass with the Halloween hotties. We couldn’t get enough of those costumes. All we can say is if you or your lady wore one of these costumes, you are or you have a keeper!
  • imageLate Sunday evening, Anastasia Ashley threw her clothes in the ring in attempts to break the internet. She accidentally sent some private snaps to her snapchat story. Oh man, were they specular!
  • Our Tush Tuesday kept our spirits high early in the week. What a fantastic butt!
  • We fell in love with our WCW, what a babe. Can’t wait to see more of her!
  • Our Woman of the Week, Gigi Hadid showed us her world, a world we want to be a part of! Possibly one of the most attractive women on the planet, right?image

Moving onto the sports world

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