There’s No Stopping Donald Trump Now (In the Republican Primary)

Trump has done it. He’s all but locked up the republican nomination for president. Really, he all but locked up the nomination weeks ago but a couple other candidates hadn’t given up yet, most notably Ted Cruz. But now after Donald’s dominating win Indiana today, Cruz is finally leaving the race.

This was truly a tremendous win for Trump. Really great stuff. He wins so much he’s got to be sick of winning. Still, he’ll need a few more wins to get the required delegates for the nomination. However, that shouldn’t be much of a problem with only Ohio Senator John Kasich still left running. And really, Kasich should just drop out. This delusion that he still has a chance is really sad. The guy’s a disgrace. Get him out of here.


Whether you support Trump or not, this is great news. His nomination was pretty much inevitable even way back in February. But now that it’s almost official we can all stop paying attention. Turn off CNN and turn on some NBCSN and catch some great Stanley Cup Playoffs. Or check out the NBA playoffs which will definitely get better now that we’re in the second round. We also have the summer movie season which should start off in a big way with this Friday’s release of Captain America: Civil War. Or maybe just go outside and enjoy the warm weather.

We have a long way to go until the actual election. For reference, the new MLB season that just started a few weeks ago will be over before we vote in November. So enjoy your summer and try to forget all the bullshit we’ve endured these past six months. The first part is over, for now, but it will all start up again around September. Enjoy yourself while you have a chance.

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