It’s Time to Ditch the ‘Man Bun’

It had a good run, you may have sported it yourself. The “Man Bun,” became a thing but has it over stayed its welcome? Hairstyles come and go, this style certainly less often. It’s time you throw out the hair tie, or at least give it back to your girlfriend. Summer is upon us and short hair is back.

So hit up your barber and tell him to keep it tight. Honestly, anything else can fly these days. It was just the end of the line for the bun. If you are pot committed to the bun and still need convincing researchers have linked thinning hair to the man bun. Why? Well, think about every time you pull your hair back into that scrunchy ( Yeah, let’s call a spade a spade, you have a scrunchy). A man’s hair is sensitive and it doesn’t like to be pulled. So there you go.

Save your hair, lose the bun! You’re welcome. On the bright side, like your father’s blurry photos from the 70’s looking like someone out of dazed and confused, this will be your “what the f*ck was I thinking?” moment.

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