Tony Toutouni – The Lunatic

The trend nowadays is to live large, hire women to hang out with you, and post it all on the internet. Well Tony Toutouni is doing exactly that.

The man is worth a fortune. He owned a nightclub at the age of 19, selling it for a profit, and then he continued that pattern and has built a very healthy bank account.

It seems only natural to post pictures of truck loads of money and basically naked women, as he says, “It’s a lifestyle that every man wants to live and I enjoy living it.”

There is a comparison between Tony, Dan Bilzerian, and the newcomer Travers Beynon, although personally Tony seems to be the most business savvy and believe it or not has the smaller ego of the three. Are these the new idols? Will the next generation look up to people like these guys instead of professional athletes and movie stars?


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