Tony’s Christmas Basketball Picks


We’ve been on an absolute tear this month with our NFL picks going 9-0 the past 3 weeks. So we’ve decided to bring gifts this Christmas by giving you some NBA winners! Make sure you get to your local bookie or find a friend and make some extra cash on Christmas!

New Orleans Pelicans Vs Miami Heat

Coming into the season the Pelicans were considered a dark horse in the West. Well that’s changed. The Pelicans are off to a terrible start with a record of 9-19. The Miami Heat, however, are off to a solid start with a record of 16-11.

Despite the bad record, the Pelicans aren’t a bad team. This team has a lot of talent on it and believes they still have a chance to turn this season around. They’ll have the best player on the court in Anthony Davis and on Christmas day in front of the world I expect them to make this a good game.

Tony’s Pick: Pelicans +5.5


Chicago Bulls Vs Oklahoma City Thunder

A lot of people forgot how good the Thunder actually are because of their poor season last year. They didn’t have Durant for most of the season and it really hurt them. This team, when healthy, can compete with any team in the NBA in a 7 game series.

They have by far the best duo in the NBA with two superstars (Westbrook and Durant) and some solid big men and perimeter players as well. There’s no reason this team shouldn’t be the 2nd best offensive threat in the league behind the Warriors. They’re off to a hot start at 20-9 and their offense will be way too much for the Bulls this holiday season.

Tony’s Pick: Thunder -9


Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Golden State Warriors

This is the game everyone has been waiting for. Lebron James out to get revenge vs the defending champs. Even though Steph Curry has played like the best player in the NBA over the past season, Lebron is still the best in the league and he’ll want to remind everyone of that on Christmas. Lebron always brings it in the big games and he hasn’t forgotten who beat him in the finals just 6 months ago.

As we all remember the Cavs didn’t have Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving in the finals last season, and those guys are ready for revenge too. Even though the Warriors are the deadliest team in the NBA and might even have the best team in NBA history, that won’t stop me from going with Lebron and company anytime they’re getting a good amount of points. Lebron is going to want this more than anyone on the court and he’ll do everything he can to keep this game close.

Tony’s Pick: Cavaliers +7


San Antonio Spurs Vs Houston Rockets

Everyone has been talking about the Warriors so much and they probably don’t even notice the Spurs are 25-5. What makes the Spurs so special is their defense, especially their 3 point defense. Their coach is so brilliant because he realizes that players love shooting the 3 pointer so much, so he decided to cut that out of the opponents game.

The Rockets love shooting the 3 pointer and if they struggle shooting it they’ll have zero chance in this game. The Rockets superstar, James Harden, has struggled to start this season and it won’t get better when he has to go against one of the leagues best defenders in Kawhi Leonard. If the Spurs can contain Harden and the 3 point shot then this game will be done after 3 quarters.

Tony’s Pick: Spurs -6.5


Los Angeles Clippers Vs Los Angeles Lakers

Finally, our last game of the evening on Christmas will be played in LA where the Clippers try to continue to show the Lakers who now runs this city. If we’re going to be honest the Lakers have no chance in this game. The Clippers have put up scary numbers on the Lakers over the years and that probably continues this season. The Clippers defense hasn’t been that great this season, but the Lakers offense is hit or miss (usually miss) so that shouldn’t be a problem. I expect this score to be something like 124-94, which is why I like two bets in this game.

Tony’s Pick: Clippers -11.5 and OVER 207



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