Tony’s Football Picks Of The Week- Week 7

Last week wasn’t our best as we went 1-2 and moved our season record to 8-10. Let’s go for a perfect week this week and get that record over .500.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Tennessee Titans

The Falcons watched their hopes at an undefeated season vanish two Thursdays ago when they lost to the New Orleans Saints but they have emerged this season as one of the most exciting offensive teams in the NFL. They travel to play a Titans team that will be without their top draft pick, Marcus Mariota. The Titans were expected to be one of the worst NFL teams this season, and although they aren’t that good this year they’ve been exciting due to Mariota. With Mariota out I don’t see their backup Mettenberger doing much for them. I’ve never thought Mettenberger was a good quarterback, and because of that I think the Titans will have a tough time scoring. I expect Atlanta to come off of their 10 day rest and dominate the Titans.

Tony’s Pick: Falcons -6


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Washington Redskins

In my opinion, I think the Redskins are one of the worst teams in the NFL. At least bad teams such as Tampa Bay and Jacksonville have good young talent, the Redskins just don’t have much to brag about. The Buccaneers are coming off of a bye that saw them beat Jacksonville the week before that. The Buccaneers will be well rested and also confident coming off of a win. Don’t get me wrong, these are both awful football teams, but I’ll be glad to take the team that has more talent on their roster getting points.

Tony’s Pick: Buccaneers +3.5


Baltimore Ravens Vs Arizona Cardinals

The Ravens have looked absolutely dreadful this season. They have been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL the past 10 seasons, but this season they just look awful at 1-5. The Arizona Cardinals have looked dangerous on both sides of the ball this season and are one of the better teams in the NFL. However, the Cardinals have struggled recently losing 2 of their past 3 games. The Baltimore Ravens are a team of a lot of pride and won’t be ready to quit on this season just yet. This is going to be a prime time game and the Ravens only win so far this season was a prime time game on Thursday night.. I expect them to at least make this a close game on Monday.

Tony’s Pick: Ravens +9


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