Tony’s Idiot Driver Of The Week!

Look, Elon Musk can’t make autonomous cars fast enough the way people drive. Living in California I see all sorts of nincompoops out on the roads (even off). We want to give a big thank you to dash cams, because now dumb drivers outside of Russia get seen.

Today’s idiot driver of the week hit the web Wednesday. A diver in New York was in a hurry to pass a car who was behind a bus, sounds like he had another car to pass as well. Instead, earth intervened and gave this guy a bitchslap.

First off, what an idiot. I hate these drivers, you’re the reason people are frustrated. You try to cut the line everyone else is in. Second, you look somewhat like an adult (he’s short as shit so why we aren’t certain.) A 3 series just says, “hey guys, look what my dad bought me for my 16th!” Owning a 3 Series BMW comes with an age limit. Just like how he isn’t tall enough to ride most of the rides at a theme park, he’s also too old to drive a 3 series.

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