Tony’s NFL Daily Fantasy Picks – Week 3

Week 3. Everyone’s injured already and there’s still no byes. Great opportunity this week. Here’s our top picks for this week.


Big Cost, Big Points – Aaron Rodgers (GB)

Aaron Rodgers at home, against a divison rival with a poor defense, after a bad game. We still believe in Rodgers and this should be his best game of the early season.

Value Play – Marcus Mariota (TEN)


Mariota is young and still talented despite his lack of success. This week he faces the Raiders who score a lot but can’t stop anyone. I’m expecting a lot of passing from the Titans this week.

Others – Phillip Rivers (SD), Alex Smith (NYJ)

Rivers gets to face the Colts, who are missing all their cornerbacks. If he doesn’t have a huge game it’s probably because they didn’t even need to pass because the Colts can’t stop the run either. The Jets have had problems in pass D that Alex Smith can exploit.

Running Backs

Big Cost, Big Points – David Johnson (ARI)

Johnson hasn’t done much in this young season but he faces an ideal opponent this week in Buffalo.

Value Play – Jerrick McKinnon (MIN)

McKinnon is now the starter in Minnesota. He should contribute in the passing game as well.

Others – Melvin Gordon (SD), Todd Gurley (LA)


Gordon has turned it around in his 2nd season and faces a weak Colts run defense. Gurley didn’t suddenly lose his talent. He’ll have a big game eventually, we’re guessing this week.

Wide Receivers

Big Cost, Big Points – Allen Robinson (JAC)

Robinson is another big time performer that has struggled out of the gate. However, we expect him to produce, even if it’s in garbage time.

Value Play – Terrelle Pryor (CLE)

Remember Terrelle Pryor? He was a QB with Ohio State and later the Raiders. Now he’s a receiver in Cleveland and due to injury he’s now their #1.

Others – Travis Benjamin (SD), Tyrell Williams (SD), Jarvis Landry (MIA)

Last week we said go with Williams over Benjamin. Sorry. But this week you can’t go wrong with either.

Tight Ends

Big Cost, Big Points – Jordan Reed (WAS)


The Giants have good corners and defensive lineman but they don’t have anyone to cover Jordan Reed.

Value Play – Jared Cook (GB)

The Lions can’t stop tight ends. It’s that simple.

Others – Travis Kelce (KC)

Kelce should see a lot of looks from Alex Smith this week


Big Cost, Big Points – Seahawks

The Seahawks defense is still really good as they have yet to allow more than ten points in any of their first two games. This week get the awful 49ers offense.

Value Play – Bengals

Cincinnati still has a solid defense and they get a rookie QB at home this week.

Others – Rams

The Rams defense really showed up last week. We expect more play like that this week in Tampa.

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