Tony’s NFL Football Picks Of The Week

It’s that time of the year again, Tony’s football picks! Last year I did my best to give you three NFL winners every week. As in most sports betting, we had some ups and downs, but if you remember we ended the year on a ridiculous 12-0 finish. I fully plan to get on a streak like that again for this season. So let’s take a look at some week 1 games.

Carolina Panthers Vs Denver Broncos

The NFL season starts off with last season’s Super Bowl matchup. This time the Broncos will be without hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning. The Panthers will have to sit there and watch the Broncos get their Super Bowl rings, a feeling that I’m sure won’t sit well with Carolina. The Broncos are starting Trevor Siemian, who has never made an NFL start. He’ll be going against an angry Carolina defense. You better believe Cam Newton is gonna come out strong, especially since he has his best target back, Kelvin Benjamin. I expect the Panthers to come out and get revenge on the defending Super Bowl champs.

Tony’s Pick: Panthers -3


Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Washington Redskins

The Steelers and Redskins will be the first Monday Night Football game of the year this season. The Steelers are without one of their biggest weapons, Le’Veon Bell, due to missing a drug test. The Steelers also won’t have Martavis Bryant due to a season long suspension for testing positive for steroids…again. Also Antonio Brown will be covered by one of the best corner backs in the league, Josh Norman. So one of the best offenses in the NFL may come out of the gate a little slow to start the season.

When you also add the fact that the Redskins offense is mediocre at best, it tells me one thing…UNDERS. Two solid defenses against a mediocre offense and an offense missing a couple key players. This should be an easy winner.

Tony’s Pick: UNDER 50

Green Bay Packers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Aaron Rodgers didn’t have his best season last year, but I don’t expect two bad seasons in a row from him. He’ll have his favorite target back, Jordy Nelson. So I expect the Packers offense to come back to that exciting high scoring offense we’ve seen the past few seasons.

Also the Jaguars offense has become more exciting with Blake Bortles and his two favorite targets Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. Bortles wants to prove he’s a top quarterback in this league, and what better way than to try and compete against Aaron Rodgers? This is a game that has two good quarterbacks that should be able to make this an exciting and high scoring game.

Tony’s Pick: OVER 48

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