Tony’s NFL Picks- Week 14

Last week we went 3-0, so lets keep that hot streak going!

Buffalo Bills Vs Philadelphia Eagles

Coming into the season there was a lot of promise for the Eagles, after bringing in Murray, Bradford and Sproles. The Eagles have been disappointing this season with a 5-7 record, but lucky for them they’re in the worst division in Football. The Eagles end the season with 3/4 home games and they believe this division is still theirs and that they can make noise in the playoffs. They got a lot of confidence back this past week after beat Tom Brady IN New England. This is way too good of value to pass up on for the Eagles, especially at home.

Tony’s Pick: Eagles Pick em


San Francisco 49ers Vs Cleveland Browns

Johnny “football” Manziel is back as the team’s starting quarterback after being benched for off the field problems. Manziel will most likely never learn his lesson, but I believe he’ll want to come out extra strong this game to prove he should be the starter here in the future. It’s two bad teams playing each other and I think in this situation your best bet is just going with the home team in this one, especially with such a low spread. I just don’t see the niners winning on the road.

Tony’s Pick: Browns -1.5


New England Patriots Vs Houston Texans

When I first saw this matchup I immediately leaned towards the Texans because I assumed Watt would be ready to go after Brady. Well now my opinion has changed a little. Watt broke his hand in practice this week and even though he’s going to play and even though he’ll still be hungry to go after Brady, the hand will still slow him down a tad. When you’re a defensive end you need your hands and fingers to get past defenders (just as Pierre Paul of the Giants needs his) and it might be a little tougher for Watt.

People say Tom Brady doesn’t lose 2 games in a row, and he just did. So I can certainly tell you Tom Brady absolutely will not lose 3 in a row, especially because over the past two weeks he’s watched home field AND a first round bye slowly slip away. Brady and his men will be ready for this one.

Tony’s Pick: Patriots -3.5



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