Tony’s Pick Of The Day – Milwaukee Brewers Vs Cincinnati Reds

When you see two bad teams like this face each other late in the year you think one thing…BORING. But that’s the beauty of betting on sports, it makes any game at any time of the year become exciting. The Reds and Brewers are both at the bottom of their division, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make some money off of it!

The Reds pitcher, Keyvious Sampson, has an ERA of 2.08 in his last 3 starts, which is probably the only bright spot in the Reds pitching at the moment. Peralta, on the other hand, has had an awful year with an ERA over 5. Believe it or not the Reds actually have a solid lineup with hitters like Votto, Duvall and Phillips. It’s just that their pitching isn’t anything to brag about. But Sampson should be able to give the Reds a few strong innings, and I believe that will be enough for the Reds to get the job done at home this evening.

Tony’s Pick: REDS


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