Tony’s Take in NYC

Last week was the first ever official Tony’s Take visit to New York City. Well no, not actually. But I was in New York and I’m always representing Tony’s Take. I took some pictures. Check them out.

This is the view from where I stayed in Long Island City, just over the Queensboro Bridge from Manhattan. This is a rapidly growing neighborhood due to its proximity to Manhattan. The two buildings in this picture are not even completed yet.

The most important map in New York (if you’re on a budget). The red arrow is where I stayed.

The view of Manhattan from Hunter’s Point Park in Long Island City

Snow. There was still snow on the ground (This is foreshadowing).

The Old and the New as seen from Battery Park, the southern tip of Manhattan.

The Statue of Liberty from Battery Park. This was the best view of it I got all week.

The Freedom Tower reaching into the fog

Central Park

Times Square – Way too many people here

30 Rock. Not just a TV show but a building (where the TV show takes place).

View of the George Washington Bridge from Inwood. The bridge was not closed as Chris Christie is no longer governor of New Jersey.

The lovely beach in Inwood, the northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan.

Street cat in Fort Tryon Park

Another view from the hotel room. What happened?

Long Island City covered in snow

Washington Square Park

View of the Freedom Tower from NYU

Greenwich Village

Brooklyn. I didn’t see Jay-Z. Not even once.

Incredible view of Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Bridge. The oldest bridge in the world. No, not really. But construction began in 1869 and that was a long time ago. Lincoln hadn’t even been in the ground for five years back then.

No, this is not Canada. It’s Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Went to New York City, saw the Brookyln Bridge, had some Lobster Bisque, Yada Yada Yada.

Not far from where I stayed is Astoria, an old Greek neighborhood

LaGuardia Airport just before leaving New York

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