Tony’s Take Podcast Episode 21 – Andy Is Going To Dunk On Kobe’s Statue

The Tony’s Take Podcast is legal baby! Scratchers and booze for us all. We jump right into sports as per usual, getting into the MLB. We have an older former NBA athlete who’s been shredding in China that wants to come back to the NBA… the kicker… he’s 40! So, good luck to you… Marbury… We also get into week one of the NFL.

We have some pressing news out of Apple. A couple new phones… almost exactly like we anticipated on our post from Sunday. We’ve got an iPhone 7s… I’m sorry and 8 and 8 Plus… And… the iPhone X … it’s pronounced 10. There’s also a new Apple Watch, but who cares. I’m kidding, we don’t talk about it…

We had a huge movie opening. It opened at over 115 million. Wow. We haven’t gotten to see the movie yet, well Andy did. Have you? We talk what’s opening this week. Couple films. We are going on about this, just give it a listen!

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