Tony’s Take Podcast Episode 26 – Who’s The Worst Thing To Happen To The Entertainment Industry?

Welcome back! Today we jump into some NFL sports, talking injuries and more. You lose any players this week? We brush over some college sports and update on the MLB postseason. Also, the NBA is starting up! Hell to the yeah! Next up, Sean talks news; including Bowe Bergdahl – you might not remember the name but he was the solider who abandoned his post and was captured and held by the taliban for five years. If you didn’t know, desertion can carry a life sentence in prison… should he get that? We also have a little international story about revenge porn!

In entertainment, there is a new trailer for the Star Wars movie coming out in a couple months. Have you seen it? Seems like the entire world has…. We look at some upsetting box office numbers again… Also, some disturbing news from Hollywood, Tyler Perry has another movie coming out…. Enjoy!

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