Tony’s Take Podcast Episode 29 – Now Managing The Dodgers, Josh McRoberts

We have Wrecking Ball Joe back in the studio tonight. So that’s already a little extra fun! We dive into NFL talk, then NBA, and some MLB… way to go Houston! Moving into news, Sean gives a little review of the iPhone X he’s had since Friday now. We talk about the terror in the rural Texas town from Sunday. Sean Combs changed his name again…. again…. One theory is when he screws up he changes his name…. Maybe…

We have some more Kevin Spacey news, what else is going to come out of this one? We’ve got some Disney stuff, are they evil? Also, congrats Carter! Our boy just got engaged… at Disneyland of all places. We talk box office and what we’re watching. We also went live for a little on our Instagram! Follow us here!

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