Tony’s Take Podcast Episode 36 – We Try Kirkland Light, The Refreshing Lager

On the first podcast of the new year we dive right into football. There’s just too much to type so you’ll have to listen; but we get into college and NFL so you know! We talk about the YouTube “star” Logan Paul and his suicide forest video that’s landed him on the front page of a lot of sites. Next we have to address the dumb people leaving their animals outside in below freezing temperatures across the US. PSA – Don’t be dumb, if it’s cold out bring your pets inside!

Tony and our guest Luke talk about trying a Kirkland beer in Tahoe over the weekend. Said it was horrible. So Andy and Sean give it a try… what did they think?

We break down the box office for the weekend. We also talk Jumanji, Sean saw it in theaters. We get into this weeks releases and finally, what we’re watching. Enjoy!

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