Tony’s Take Podcast Episode 40 – Blake Griffin And The Clippers Make Andy Cry

On our 40th pod we’ve got the wild prop bets for this Sunday’s Super Bowl. What color will Pink’s hair be? Will the phrase, “Nipple Gate” be said? So many silly bets, so many ways to lose… or make money. Also, who do you got to win the game? I mean come on, it’ll most likely be The Patriots… right??? We also have some sad news out of the Los Angeles Clippers, at least it’s sad news for our very own Andy. He loves that team dearly and they just rip key players from him all the time. Poor guy.

Elon Musk has an expensive new blow torch… Also, the cleanest rat on the internet. Just take a look at this guy!

In Hollywood news we talk box office. A disgraced Glee stars suicide. There’s also a new¬†Steven Soderbergh movie coming out in March that was filmed entirely on an iPhone. Will you notice when you watch Unsane? Last but not least we talk about what we’re watching.

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