Tony’s Take Podcast Episode 41 – Who Robbed Rob (Gronkowski)?

We have a lot of Super Bowl talk on this one. Did you like the game? Did you want the Eagles to beat Brady and the Patriots? Either way, football is over which sucks. We talk about the NBA trade deadline and Lebron and the Cavs team slump. Can they get out of this hole? We also talk about Rob Gronkowski getting robbed during the Super Bowl… how shitty!

We play a game for Sean, NBA or NFL player? Since he’s not too educated on NFL players or the lesser knows NBA players Andy throws a few names out there. If you’re like Sean feel free to play along at home!

We have another incest story, similar to the one we wrote about on here a couple years ago. Read that here. Gross.

We talk box office, Jumanji is still killing it. We talk about what’s coming out this week. We also have some new trailers for some big movies, are you excited? Andy is. Check back later this week for a Happy Hour pod. We’re going to be bringing those back and bringing in a guest for those!

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