Tony’s Take – Three Things in College Basketball That Irritate Me


The Final Four is finally upon us.  This is the most exciting day of the year in college basketball.  While the tournament and especially today’s games are a lot of fun to watch, college basketball has some problems that can make it almost unwatchable.

35 Second Clock

To start off, the 35 second shot clock is extremely irritating! especially when you have teams such as Oregon State and St. Louis who are “possession” teams and don’t score a lot of points. Seeing teams like that pass the ball for 30 seconds and then throw up a brick really makes the game hard to watch. Also when there’s about 4 min left and a team is down by 8 points it really makes it difficult for the team to come back. The NBA has a 24 second shot clock so I think college needs at least a 30 second shot clock to make the game a little more exciting and to see more points get scored.

Too Many Charge Calls

Another thing that really bothers me in College Basketball is fact that I feel like 8/10 times a charge is called instead of a blocking foul. I really feel that whenever the refs see a player get knocked down they always automatically assume that it was a charge. Now don’t get me wrong there obviously are a lot of fouls when blocks do get called, but it’s just irritating time after time to see a defensive player not be in position and fall to the floor and the ref just automatically seems to always call a charge. I just hope sooner rather than later the college refs let these guys play and stop being so ticky tack!


No Continuation

The final thing that irritates me in college basketball is the fact that I feel like the refs never call continuation! I’ve seen countless plays when a player makes a great play and deserves the “and 1” but the refs say the foul occurred on the ground. In the NBA, I understand that a player gets fouled and then takes about three steps and the refs give it to him, so I am not saying college should be that lenient but they should give credit where credit is due.

I still love and enjoy watching college basketball, but I’d be very happy to see the day when I can sit back and watch a college basketball game with a 30 second shot clock, not every foul be a charge or a ticky tack call and see more continuation calls made and see these guys get the “and 1’s” they deserve!


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