Top Celebrity Interview Blowups

After Robert Downey Jr. Stormed out of an interview promoting the upcoming Avengers movie, we felt like putting a list of our top celebrity blowups together. Here are a few!


1) We love Robert Downey Jr. and don’t feel like he did anything in the wrong on this one. Go Iron Man!



2) This one is a classic, Jim Rome gets taken down by Jim Everett, don’t call him Chris!



3) Tom Cruise is a great actor, just don’t ask him about anything other than maybe his favorite motorcycle scene… (He rides off into the sun in almost every movie he’s in… yeah, you know what I’m talking about



4) Ed Harris sure knows how to promote a movie, by scaring every Canadian in the place!



5) Personal favorite, Billy Bob gives the best interviews ever. I just feel bad for the rest of the band who were just trying to get their big break… wonder if it all worked out….



These are a few of our favorites, got a personal favorite? Share it with us below!

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