Top Dating Apps

We brought you the Tinder Bible so you could improve your profile. We even unloaded some terrible interactions from Tinderella. So what if you are sick of Tinder and don’t know where else to find a match? Well, here are our favorite dating apps for you!


  • You are only matched with friends of friends… eliminating bots and weirdos, unless of course you, yourself are a weirdo. You get only a handful of potential matches each day. After all, you shouldn’t be spending too much time of these things.


dating app

  • The new kid on the block, created by one of the Tinder founders, this app has manners. Ladies go first initiating contact. This app doesn’t have a large base yet, but it’s growing.

Plenty of Fish

  • Pretty common with the younger crowd. Typical dating app.

These are the top three alternatives to Tinder, if you absolutely need more options, these next couple are paid apps.


  • About $20.99 a month will get you access to this site, pending on your age and level of desperation
    this one probably isn’t worth it.


  • dating appFor as little as $9.99 a month, this site is ideal for more established and mature singles… meaning older people. Doesn’t mean the younger single guy can’t find a match here! I’m sure you’ve seen their commercial. That old guy who started the site always looks way to pleased with himself. Congratulations! You got average looking people to fuck.


These are the popular apps out there for dating. Don’t be limited to Tinder! Make sure you have a decent set of photos and a better than average profile! Make sure you read the Tinder Bible, it’s a life saver!


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