Top Drinking Games

Okay, so you and your friends are over playing another game of beer pong tonight? Yeah, we’ve all been there, next your friends spit out games that sound okay, but they don’t quite click. Well we have listed the top 10 drinking games for you! Along with an alternative way to play beer pong.  These are Tony’s Take personal favorites we partake in. Have a game you think should be on the list or you want others to know about? Share below!

  1. Beer Die

    – Place two cups on both ends of a ping pong table, two teams, with two teammates each throw the dice in the air towards the other side, the goal being to land the dice in the opponents cups. In the event of that, they must down the beer. If the dice lands and hits the cup they must take a drink. If the dice doesn’t hit a cup, the opposing team must then catch the dice before hitting the floor, otherwise, they then again must drink. Once they cups are cleared for one team, the other is the victor! (Full instructions here)

  2. Thumper

    – Everyone declares their sign; a short, funny, sexual, crude gesture, as long as it’s short. Sitting at a table everyone repeatedly does drumming  against the table. The first person to go says, “What’s the name of the game?” Everyone else replies, “To get fucked up!” Then the first person does their gesture, followed by someone else’s, then you guessed it, they go and do someone else’s and so on. Yes this is in Beerfest!beerfestthumper

  3. Chandeliers/Gaucho Ball

    – Place as many cups in the middle of the ping pong table with beer, as much or as little as you like. Two cups will be passed around the table. Your goal is to bounce your ping pong ball into your cup then stack the other person trying to bounce their ball into their cup. When this happens they then grab a cup from the middle of the table, down the beer and proceed to attempt to bounce the ball in the cup. The more people, the better the game! Also, if you bounce the ball in on the first try, you can pass that cup to anyone on the table, so be strategic. The last cup is the death cup, that’s a full beer!

  4. Baseball

    – Two teams, one on each side of the ping pong table, 4 cups in a straight line on both sides. The cups represent the bases, home being closest to the edge. When a player makes a cup, for instance the third one, the opposing team must drink the third cup along with the first and second. This is a long game FYI. 9 innings are played, if a player doesn’t hit a cup, that is an out. Three outs per team per inning. Batter up! (Full instructions here)

  5. 21

     sitting in a circle you count; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 8, 9, 10, 7, 12, 13 …. all the way to 21. The person to get to 21 gets to make a rule. For example, instead of saying 12 in English you have to say it in another language. Whenever a number or rule is messed up, the player drinks.

  6. Flip Cup

     Take an equal amount of cups and line them up on opposite ends of a table. The cups are 1/3 or so filled. One person at a time on each side chugs the drink, then tries to flip the cup over on the table. It must land upside down and stay that way. Then the next person in the line can go, first side to finish wins.

  7. Kings Cup 

    – More common game, a deck of cards lay face down, each card has a meaning. Most people know of this game, but it seems everyone has their own rules. (Full Instructions here)

  8. Civil War 

    – Like beer pong with a twist. 3 vs 3, you shoot rapidly at the opposing teams cups. Each player has 3 to 6 cups. First team to drain all opposing teams cups wins. Speed is the name of the game here.

  9. Mustache Game

    –  I mustache you a question, are you good at this game? Make a mustache that you can stick on the TV, place strategically, then sit back and relax. When a character in frame aligns with the mustache, you drink.james-bond-tv-screen mustache drinking game

  10. Quarters

    – Find a hard surface, glass is best. Wood works, however  you will mess up your table. Two people or more at a time try to bounce their quarter into an empty shot glass. Loser has to drink.

  11. Beer Pong (Paddles) 

    – This is a more mellow version of the game. Two cups on both sides of the ping pong table both filled with beer. 1 on 1 you are playing ping pong, just trying to land the ball in the opponents cups. Land in the cup, they have to chug, hit the cup, they have to drink. Empty your opponents cups and you are the winner. Perfect game to pass time, or when you don’t want to get too intense.

beerfest paddle pong

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