Top IOS 9 Features

IOS 9 beta 1 got released to the public today. If you are a little behind you can get it here. The download process is rather simple and only takes a few moments. We always suggest you back up your device before diving into the beta as you can lose some stuff, we also advise to only run it only on a secondary device. There is a tendency for the beta versions to run slow and even crash on occasion.

Looking at it on an iPhone 6 and an iPad Mini 2 we are impressed with a few things already available in the first beta.

  • Multitasking – Double tapping on the device still does the same thing, however it’s a little different. You know swipe to the left and the apps are almost full screen, looks nice! This feature is on both platforms.image
  • Slide Over Menu – impressive new way of multitasking, simply swipe from the right side of the screen and out comes all Apple apps, choose as you please and it will open within that portion of the screen. Currently, only Apple apps are available but expect that to change anytime, as long as Apple allows it! This is only available on iPads.
  • Siri – more fluid sounding Siri, more understanding and maybe a little faster… A little change to the screen as well on that. Updated on both platforms.
  • Notes – updated and it looks great, you can now draw, add pictures, and links! I find myself using notes over word and pages now so this is very helpful! Updated on both platforms.
  • News – A great new way to stay updated with the things you care about! To start your chose whatever your heart desires from the Wall Street Journal to E News, they have it all! This feature is on both platforms.image

We have only had our hands on these features for a few hours now, we will continue to test them out and keep you updated! Will you be jumping into the public beta?


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