Top PSA’s

Remember the classic PSA’s from the 80s and 90s? They were so much better than the average ones your see today. They were corny yes, but in such a way that it was comical, nowadays they are just depressing. We grabbed a few of our favoriteĀ PSA’s from back then. We think you will like them all!

Here you’ve got your run of the mill drunk driving PSA, what a junkie one! There are so many ways to make it entertaining while being informative. This one is just plain lousy.


Who doesn’t want to see Pee Wee Herman talking about crack, rock cocaine?

Classic Family Matters, let’s hold a turn in your gun rally at the high school!


Zack Morris, always the cool guy, but more importantly, always doing the right thing! Just say no!

I could only imagine how awkward it was on set for these people. Poor kid, luckily it yielded an awesome PSA!

Every sports team should be forced to do a PSA song like this one! Just amazing. Doesn’t the guy in the sweater look like Peter Dinklage’s dad?

Throwing it back to the parents in this one! Nice! “I learned it from you okay!”

Be sure to talk to your minister or rabbi if you’ve been touched, unless it was one of them that touched you…

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