Top Vacation Spots for Summer 2015

The summer is here, school is out, we could care less about work. Start planning your next vacation, we have listed the top destinations of the summer. So pack your bag, grab the sunscreen and drive or fly to one of these amazing destinations!


South Beach, Miami – always a fun spot, great water, better women – plenty of night life, just beware of Cubans running drug cartels out of mortuaries… if you see Will Smith or Martin Lawrence you might want to get out of there.


Lake Havasu, Arizona – Heat; heat makes the water great and makes the bikinis tiny. This lake is always packed with great looking women ready to party. 7_spring_break havasu summer vacationPolish up the boat, fill the cooler and grab that American flag tank top. You are going to have a fun time. A bonus about this place, the rentals aren’t too rough on any given week/weekend so assemble a group and rent a house… that will make the after boat party that much better – a rumor that Pharrell is at your place is enticing, but not if your place is a motel next to the Kokomo’s.


Barcelona, Spain –  Great city filled with beautiful tourists and locals alike. With a wide range of high end rentals and more wallet friendly ones, this is the place to be. Also guys who are overly comfortable with their bodies, pick up a banana hammock, it’s completely acceptable here. The water is great and the ladies are often bare. Spaniards aren’t too shy in the skin department.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Wild and fun town, there’s always something to do here! There is always something going on and the women happen to love the Americans. Head down there and enjoy the scenery. Just don’t go off the beaten path and keep that wallet close, the tourist season coincides with the thief season.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Who wants to do a body shot?! This place never stops, every day is a Saturday here. Sleeping then walk over to Papas and Beer for some drinks then relax on the sand for the day.

papas-and-beer summer vacation

Don’t worry there are bars on the sand too. To tie the perfect day together their night life is terrific. Stay in the tourist areas and you’ll have a blast.


Sydney, Australia – Good day! Ready to party down under!? There is plenty to do other than look at that opera hall, hit the water during the day then sip a Fosters next to a kangaroo by night! If you’re lucky you can go party with Russell Crowe and Travers Beynon!


Ibiza, Spain – If you have seen the Entourage Movie this was the opening scene. The water is beautiful and the same can be said about the women. A fantastic tropical oasis; be prepared to empty that wallet though, this place is getting expensive! Stay at the Hard Rock and you’ll be in the center of the fun. Enjoy!

ocean-vip-21 ibiza summer vacation

After you pick your destination make sure you’re prepared to have the greatest time of your life! Be careful not to overdo it on the sand, we’ve listed the do’s and don’ts for the beach, all of these apply in the states and most of these are applicable worldwide as well! So take advantage of the summer and enjoy you’re life!

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